Hello. I am a software developer in Turkey. I have been doing this job for more than 10 years, mostly on the web. I first started with asp.net in 2007. And then I continued my professional business life with .net. My first professional job was developing a fish farm automation using devexpress, kendoui and webforms.

Later, i learned asp.net mvc, .net core, typescript ( react , vuejs) vs. respectively. And i’m still making an effort to catch up the most up-to-date technologies.
In recent years, I have been using platforms such as python, django, nodejs in the company i work.
I am constantly improving myself on OOP and clean coding.
I liked backend and frontend. I cannot separate these two.

My skills:
Html, Javascript, Typescript => 5 star
.Net Platform=> 5 star
Mysql, MSSQL, Mongo, PostgreSQL => 5 star

Nodejs => 4 star
ExpressJs, NextJs => 4 star

Python (start from v3) => 4 star
Django Framework => 4 star
Django Rest Framework => 4 star

Angular (start from v4) => 4 star
Reactjs => 4 star